It’s a job that Michael and I will never forget, filming at Granite Point Mountain Lodge in Alaska.

We turned on the cameras at PDX and didn’t put them away for four days. And that was a good decision, because: OMG those four days. We couldn’t help assembling a travelogue. (More from the trip will follow later this summer.)

Here’s the backstory:

Just six weeks before this video was filmed, I visited Alaska for the first time. I spent the last 2 days and nights of my trip at a private wilderness cabin on Resurrection Bay, on the side of a mountain that falls straight into the sea. Through the length of my stay, a pair of humpback whales roamed in front of the beach and bluff, breaching and spouting nonstop, while bald eagles sailed, swooped, and circled in the sky. “This is blowing my mind,” I murmured to myself over and over—speaking loud enough, I hoped, to keep away the local bears.

Imagine my glee, weeks later, when the man who created the lodge (a remarkable story in itself) hired Sheepscot Creative to come back with our cameras.

Thanks, Jeff. First, for the invitation and your incredible hospitality. And also for the boat tour and jet ski rides, for introducing us to your amazing friends, and (separately) for trusting us to tell your story.