Earlier this year, Team Sheepscot made our first foray into WWE-style trash-talk videos. (We can only hope it’s not our last.)

The occasion? Clean Water Services needed a quick ‘n’ dirty video about Pure Water Brew, a beer brewed with recycled wastewater, to show at an upcoming water conference.

Pure Water Brew is a radical experiment aimed at changing how the public thinks about water reuse. The brew is made with effluent (read: sewer water!) that’s been purified to exacting standards; the purified water is cleaner than the water that comes out of your tap, and perfect for brewing beer.

Searching for a lighthearted way to showcase this project at the water conference WEFTEC, Clean Water Services decided to go toe-to-toe with a similar beer brewed out of another great beer city: Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Activated Sludge.

We spliced this video together out of a quick afternoon’s shooting at Clean Water Services and some iPhone footage from the team in Milwaukee.

The rivalry is all in good fun, of course, because both teams have the same ultimate goal: Changing the way the public thinks about recycled water. By partnering with Oregon brewers to make beer from wastewater, Clean Water Services hopes to inspire a public conversation about water reuse. And what better way to combat the “ick” factor than by turning recycled sewer water into something so delicious?