Dave interviewed Holly Andres for an hour and a half at his kitchen table in Portland, Oregon. She lives about ten blocks away.

We didn’t want to publish their conversation as a traditional text Q&A because without Holly’s photographs alongside how could anyone fully appreciate what she was saying? The planning and serendipity, both, that turn her visions into portraits and ultimately into stories. Some kind of slideshow was in order.

An installation that Holly created last year at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, The Trail of Sparrow Lane, gave us inspiration.

Kaia designed visuals for the gallery and tour in Prezi, free presentation software that Leah had suggested. We captured the presentation as a video in Quicktime, and then imported the file into Final Cut.

Meanwhile, Dave was turning the original interview transcript into an 8-minute monologue for Holly.

When he was done, Holly came back to the kitchen and recorded her monologue as voice-over.

We found background music at TheMusicBed.com.

The rest was editing.