Helping artists and small businesses tell their stories more effectively.

Last year, the Regional Arts and Culture Council invited Sheepscot to host a workshop on a subject that’s near and dear to our hearts: How arts organizations and artists can leverage existing resources to tell their stories more effectively. Time spent on marketing is time spent not making art. We can help make that time as painless and productive as possible.

We got a great response to that sold-out workshop, and we were thrilled to be invited back for another round.

Join us on February 13 for Narrative Mechanics: How to Design and Deploy Strategy for Arts Marketing Success, an interactive workshop from Sheepscot president Dave Weich:

YOU HAVE A GREAT STORY TO TELL, but where do you begin? What’s the best way to frame your narrative to ensure that you’re making an impact with the right audiences? From public events and print materials to social media platforms, how should you allocate resources to best achieve your goals?

Learn to construct a story that will resonate with your audience, inspire actions that benefit your bottom line, and evolve over time as your relationship to fans and consumers changes.”

Narrative Mechanics: Strategies for Arts Marketing Success
Portland Community Media, 2766 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, OR 97212
Saturday, February 13, 11 am-3pm, $30
Register here.