Adventures Without Limits makes the outdoors accessible for everyone.

We tagged along on trips, snowshoeing on Mount Hood and kayaking in Scappoose Bay, seeing the impact first-time outdoor experiences have on AWL participants. The wonder and joy. We attended local events. Then we let AWL’s directors, guides and clients explain for themselves the difference that the organization makes in people's lives.

We've produced videos specifically for year-end fundraising, Facebook and Instagram promotions, and AWL's annual gala. We design leave-behinds for public events. We provide strategic direction and communications support. We even designed and built them a new, responsive website.


AWL's website had become out-dated and difficult to navigate. Sheepscot worked with AWL's staff to re-center the site around the core actions visitors need to take on, and the key information they need to find. The result is a new, visually stunning and easily navigated site that helps users easily sign up for trips, volunteer with AWL and make donations to the organization. Explore the new

Share Our Outdoors

We designed the "Share Our Outdoors" logo and campaign to connect with Oregon's outdoor-loving population, many of whom (ourselves included) too often take access for granted.

Adventures Without Limits: Share Our Outdoors

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Adventures Without Limits: Share Our Outdoors