Jesuit Volunteer Corps Northwest places and supports volunteers in cities and rural areas from Montana to Alaska. Sheepscot helps them devise and execute digital communication strategies to bridge such broad geographic reach.

When COVID-19 caused JVC Northwest to cancel its annual Seattle fundraiser, we assured them that the shift to digital could inspire an increase in fundraising if planned well, even under the circumstances. After all, historically, the event had been accessible only to supporters in Seattle; now it would be open to everyone.

We quickly rallied with the staff and its live event production contractors to create JVC Northwest’s first-ever virtual fundraising event, a week-long celebration of the organization’s core values. The result? More than $134,000 in donations to JVC Northwest, more than they’d ever raised at the Seattle luncheon.

As part of this highly collaborative effort, Sheepscot:

  • Named the event and created its graphic identity
  • Designed and produced print and digital invitations among other promotional collateral
  • Designed, built and managed the event’s web page
  • Produced the event kickoff video

What’s in a name

JVC Northwest’s abiding connection to Jesuit tradition makes it unique among volunteer agencies. Volunteers young and old serve in a variety or roles and settings, but all are united by their dedication to four core values: community, simple living, social and ecological justice, and spirituality and reflection.

Until 2019, JVC Northwest’s annual fundraising luncheon was referred to simply as “The Seattle Luncheon.”

In 2020, Sheepscot re-named and re-branded the event for its digital debut. The new name, “For the Four,” brings those core values to the fore.

A fundraising tracker helped keep donors motivated.

Event landing page and video

Sheepscot directed and shot a special interview with Greg Carpinello, JVC Northwest’s executive director, and coached the event’s honorees to film their own acceptance speeches with their phones. We then edited the discrete segments together with original animations, music, photographs, and video footage submitted by volunteers on location.

An event web page housed and shared additional testimonial videos solicited from JVC Northwest volunteers, board members and donors—Sheepscot created an appended simple (and easily reproducible) For the Four branding to every submission. The web page also included a donation tracker, donation form and information about the event honorees.

Event Branding and Collateral