In 2012, Josephine County’s library system hired Sheepscot to develop a communications strategy and all supporting creative. We've been serving them ever since.

Sheepscot Creative has served Josephine Community Library since its years as a nonprofit, developing the library’s brand while simultaneously building its communications capacity. Library membership, usage and support increased consistently until, in 2017, county residents voted to fund a permanent public library district. 

In 2018, we updated the library’s brand for this exciting new era. What had been a personalized campaign grounded in individual testimony (“My library works for me”) has evolved to reflect the collective spirit that energized JCL’s successful campaign (“Together we can”).

In 2019, Sheepscot worked with the library foundation that now serves as JCL's fundraising arm to rebrand. See our work for Josephine Community Library Foundation.

Together We Can (2018-present)

Josephine Community Library Style Guide
Josephine Community Library bookmark
Josephine Community Library digital ad

My Library Works for Me (2013-2017)

Sheepscot's original campaign let patrons speak for themselves: neighbors talking to neighbors, sharing the simple slogan “My library works for me.”

We produced print and digital ads, in-library materials such as signs, flyers and bookmarks, and templates for staff and volunteers to continually refresh assets with a minimum of training and design expertise.

Print ad: Guy

JCL Bookmark Back

Josephine Community Libraries Facebook timeline graphic

The new children's libraries (2016)

When the libraries received funding to upgrade amenities for children, Sheepscot Creative produced a fresh new sub-brand and a playful set of icons to assist patrons in wayfinding between tools and services available to different age groups.

Josephine Community Libraries Children's Libraries side one

Josephine Community Libraries Children's Libraries side two


After voters approved a permanent library district, we introduced the new Josephine Community Library brand with a short video for social media and YouTube. The latest short piece followed a set of PSAs we made several years prior, back when the library was still a nonprofit, to help raise awareness of its valuable services for families and students of all ages.