The Oregon Arts Commission hired Sheepscot Creative to redesign its website.

They wanted to create a more satisfying user experience: easier wayfinding and immediate access to timely, dynamic content. The OAC also wanted art, itself, to have a much more prominent role on the site, to honor and promote the incredible work of artists and arts organizations around the state.

All upgrades needed to work seamlessly on the back-end. The goal wasn’t simply to avoid creating additional work for OAC staff. The new site reduced their workload for maintenance and updates.

The new website home page

Home page grants page

Grants page mega-dropdown menu

Mega-dropdown menu

Oregon's arts ecosystem animated infographic

In the project’s initial discovery phase, as we discussed the Arts Commission’s goals and reviewed content on the site we’d be replacing, we found plenty of documentation that described the Commission’s strategy and output—but a succinct, layman’s evocation of their mission and impact remained conspicuously absent. From that realization, an infographic was born. Animation brought it fully to life.