When we uncovered the story of an incredible Alaskan adventure, we turned it into a 22-minute documentary.

Jeff and Angela wanted to have a camping trip that never ended, and to see if they could live off the land. So they dropped out of college to attend the “school of life.” They hired a boat captain to ferry them—along with kayaks, snowboards and 30,000 pounds of building materials—to a patch of spectacular wilderness tucked between a glacier and the Gulf of Alaska, seventy miles from the nearest outpost. This Place Called Nuka: Courting Adventure in Wild Alaska brings their story to life. Six years out there together, alone.

"This is the quintessential film on getting away from it all." —Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival 

Spokane International Film Festival - Best Short

2018 Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Spokane International Film Festival - 2018

2018 Maine Outdoor Film Festival

2018 Jefferson State FLIXX FEST

2017 Portland EcoFilm Festival

2017 Oregon Independent Film Festival

One of the best things about making This Place Called Nuka was getting to know the incredible people at the center of the documentary. So maybe it's fitting that when we flew 1,300 miles to see our film at the Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival, what made the trip indelible was the people we met: the festival directors and staff, filmmakers and attendees, baristas and bartenders and hikers, every single one of the unfailingly welcoming people of Flagstaff. And also, yeah, hikes in the Grand Canyon and Sedona—those were pretty good, too. Here's a little travelogue of our four days in the desert.