Wallowa Resources empowers rural communities to create strong economies and healthy landscapes through land stewardship, education and job creation.

Sheepscot Creative helps Wallowa Resources communicate the value of its efforts to a diverse set of rural and urban audiences. Our strategies address the concerns of stakeholders in communities across Northeast Oregon as well as urban populations in Portland, San Francisco and Washington, DC, where much of the organization’s fundraising and advocacy work takes place.

Video production

We produced this short, stirring video expressly for Wallowa Resources’ annual fundraiser, where most attendees would be familiar with the organization’s work and personnel. Production followed quickly on the heels of a four-day June visit, where we interviewed staff and partners on-site and on camera, and captured footage of the awe-inspiring landscapes they steward.

Wallowa Resources’ model of economic stewardship touches its Eastern Oregon community in so many ways that it can be hard to describe succinctly. Start at the top level, with land and water stewardship; education, advocacy and training; economic development and jobs. Dig a little deeper and soon you’re talking about complex weed management efforts, multi-jurisdiction forest health collaboratives, and innovative micro-hydropower installations. They needed a video that would help audiences understand how all the work fits together into one holistic and promising approach to revitalize rural communities. Here it is.

Voices of a Stewardship Economy

Our initial, two-day visit to Enterprise, Oregon, yielded a 22-page communications report. Contents include a set of story map samples; extensive excerpts from more than a dozen one-on-one interviews; and recommendations for a collaborative storytelling approach to address the various challenges and opportunities identified by key stakeholders.


To date, more than 100 photos have been added to Wallowa Resources’ archives for use in print materials and online.