Bruce Roll is the Director of Watershed Management for our client, Clean Water Services (CWS). Last week, he published an essay on The Nature of Cities website.

He wrote it without our input. And yet I think it ranks among Sheepscot’s most gratifying accomplishments to date. Here’s why.

I’m constantly impressed by the vision, energy and talent that Bruce and others at CWS bring to their work. Since 2013, we’ve been augmenting their extensive skill sets with our own: communication strategy, multimedia storytelling and asset generation. Bruce is a storyteller, himself. His writing style is lyrical. His passion for the environment shines through.

Three interview pull-quotes bolster Bruce’s case. Did he interview Andy, Carla and Carolyn for this piece? No. He didn’t have to. All three quotes come from on-camera interviews that Sheepscot conducted for past video projects, each of which served an immediate audience and objective. Years later, CWS continues to derive value from those shoots. That’s no accident.

The photos that appear in the essay? We captured them over the past few years as part of a broader, ongoing effort to document Tree for All’s impact. Bruce also links to five videos for readers that want to learn more. We produced them all.

Yes, we produce video and still photography. We also organize and back up digital assets for clients’ retrieval and reuse. But all that work exists in service to maximizing return-on-investment, to using our clients’ time and money as responsibly and productively as possible.

With a growing roster of forward-thinking clients like CWS, we’re plotting all the time to generate both immediate impact and lasting effect. And it’s working.