When Josephine County voted to fund a Library District in 2017, the library foundation assumed new responsibilities as the primary fundraiser for vital capital projects.

They called on Sheepscot to create a brand that shows they’re up to the challenge.

Five months later, the foundation launched under a new name with a new logo, website, print collaterals and brand guide.

From County to Community

In March 2019, Sheepscot visited the Grants Pass branch of Josephine Community Library for two days of stakeholder interviews with donors, board members, library staff and patrons.

They told us about the community’s demonstrated ability to provide for itself, and a long-standing (and well-founded) distrust of County government. (Years ago, the County re-allocated funds that had been meant for libraries. And then the County simply shut the libraries down. So, yeah.)

We proposed updating the name from Josephine County Library Foundation to Josephine Community Library Foundation. Stakeholders rallied around the change.

The foundation logo echoes the book iconography of the district’s and shares a complementary set of colors. Its sturdy lettering and layout conveys reliability and professionalism but remains as friendly and approachable as the library itself.

Print Collateral


We designed and developed the library foundation’s first-ever website. Previously, they had only a single page on the library district’s site. Now they have a powerful storytelling and fundraising tool. It helps the foundation represent itself professionally and confidently to community members, funders and peers.