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Immediate impact. Lasting effect.

This is how we help.


Communication plans
Content development
Market research
RFPs + funding

Video Production


Documentary + commercial
For social + web
For events + presentations
Fundraising, advocacy

Brand Identity


Logos + styles
Design + illustration


Annual plans or project-by-project contracts. You choose.

Limited internal resources

Most of our clients recognize growth potential but don't have enough hours in the day, or the right skill sets, to fulfill it. Ambitions exceed capacity. With Sheepscot Creative’s help, you succeed despite those limitations. Together we identify goals and quantify measures, and then we produce the plan and deliverables to achieve them. You get right-sized, brand-building solutions.

The work scope is outside your expertise

If you're like most of our clients, your business model doesn't include a full communications studio in-house. Award-winning videographers, art directors, writers, developers and strategists. Hire Sheepscot and then augment your staff precisely how and when you need to.

It's not the right time to add FTE

Clients enlist Sheepscot as a win-win proposition. Escape the costs and commitments that come with salaried staff. Instead work with seasoned experts. Some clients hire Sheepscot on annual contracts; others for standalone projects. They all benefit from the ability to adapt budget and scope as needs and available resources change.

Equipment and technology

Partnering with Sheepscot means always working with the best equipment, and experts that know how to use it. From cameras to design software to data servers, the upgrades, backups and know-how are all on us.

Who doesn't need fresh ideas?

We bring to clients the clarity of a fresh perspective, backed by decades of experience. Communication is what we do, day after day. We bring to it insights gathered from hundreds of clients, and awareness of what's worked for them.

You're not achieving your potential

How we typically work: First you define the goals. Then we create a plan to achieve them. Strategy and deliverables. We produce beautiful, effective materials that resonate with communities and inspire them to action. We also boost clients' internal performance—by introducing best practices, improving workflows, connecting short-term actions to long-term goals, and training staff. How can Sheepscot's contribution generate the best return for you?

“Need a brilliant strategist who pays attention to detail and is ready to tackle a complicated project? Hire Sheepscot Creative. They deliver.”

Chris D'Arcy
Chris D'Arcy Oregon Cultural Trust