On the eve of its 50th anniversary, the Xerces Society enlisted Sheepscot to help celebrate its many accomplishments and rally supporters in anticipation of the challenges ahead.

As the largest invertebrate conservation organization in the world, Xerces has had a tremendous impact protecting pollinators and endangered species, reducing pesticide use and its impacts, and providing technical expertise to organizations around the world. As the nonprofit’s fiftieth anniversary approached, they recognized a need to tell their origin story and frame their work for a new generation of advocates and policymakers.

Sheepscot conducted extensive one-on-one interviews with staff and alumni, including executive director Scott Black and founder Robert Michael Pyle. To demonstrate the diversity and reach of Xerces’ efforts, we sourced footage and managed the production of testimonials from board, staff and partners across the country. As we edited, we worked closely with the in-house communications team at Xerces to ensure that scripts and shot selection aligned with the organization’s brand and voice.  

In the end, we presented Xerces with two videos carefully tailored to address their needs: a “50th Anniversary” video (below) details the founding, history, and present-day work of the organization, and a “Welcome” video highlights the nonprofit’s mission and programs.

We never let a great moment go to waste. 

During our interview with Xerces founder Robert Michael Pyle, we made an excursion into his backyard where he caught a swallowtail butterfly. After teaching us a bit about the animal, he placed it on Dave's nose and let go, releasing it back to the wild. We loved the experience so much that we turned it into a standalone short video for use on social media.